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Parenting~ Anonymous

by Kristin Beckstrom Radcliffe on 09/03/19

Oh, you think it's easy
But you must really not understand
The importance and pressure 
Of helping run a family
With all of its ups and downs

When you were young and energetic
It was always just you and me
I'd carry you through youth
And all of the steps through it

But then you were in school
And it wasn't just me and you
I was still carrying you
But you were walking up your own steps
With me close beside you

And then came high school and college
Where it felt you were slowly slipping off my back
You, your studies, your friends
And eventually me

Then graduation came along
And you were on your own
There wasn't much of me and you
Just me at my job and you at yours
With no carrying, just walking by

Finally, I was on your back
Being carried through the rest of my life
It was me and you again
But, at the same time, it was not

I wish for the old days with your youth
Fun and play was all we needed
But then it was me and you, 
But in a happier way
And I would carry you with ease

Maybe someday, I'll start to slip off
And you'll be on your own again
But no matter what
It'll always be me and you

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