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Sometimes, it is the little things

by Kristin Beckstrom Radcliffe on 01/26/16

Recently, I heard Marc Maron express in a podcast, (it is) "good for the soul just to have conversation." I spend my days engaged in conversation with such a wide variety of people that I couldn't be more thankful for the nourishment my mind and soul receive. Until there is one of those confrontations that takes the wind out of my sails and can only be labeled as soul sucking. 

I get it. We aren't all going to like each other, there will always be people with whom we do not get along. The details of my most recent challenge are not important here, except to note I know I had done nothing unprofessional, unethical or dishonest. What is important,for me is that we all  take a minute to ponder how those littlest of moments, the smallest of negative words, can  reduce relationships to mere threads. 

Just as the smallest of negative exchanges can lead to catastrophic damage, the smallest of kind words can treat the soul like a delicious piece of chocolate (if that is your fancy). In one moment, we can make someone else's day by the most seemingly insignificant of gestures. Last night, just when I needed it, I got one of those soul nourishing moments, all while I heard more and more that could have sucked my energy dry. 

Thank you to both opportunities. To the one who derailed and decried what and who I am, thank you for the chance to take a look at myself and ensure I did the best I could. To the one who helped build me back up, thanks for the sprinkles exactly as I needed. 

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